Saturday, June 27, 2020

Netpkg 7.0 : simpler, faster tool to manage packages

Netpkg 7.0 has been released.

Netpkg is the original network package management tool provided in Zenwalk since 2005, and was the first tool of this kind available for Slackware back in the days.

Over the years, following users requests, netpkg has evolved into a graphical (GTK) application with CLI counterpart.

Netpkg is Slackgnostic ;) : it work for any Slackware system.

The CLI version has proven to be easier for the user, is faster, and requires no dependencies except bash, wget, and a few command line utilities found on any Slackware installation :  so it can run in level 3 with just the "ap" packages installed (could even run from the setup from a chrooted mountpoint).

Nowadays graphical applications are more and more handled through Appimages packages and such formats, so the graphical Netpkg is not needed anymore.

So here it is, deeply improved, more powerful, easier to use than any other package management tool : automatic system update, dependency resolution, multi-repository, with full-text search, .new config files management, local packages removal and reinstallation, etc...

Have fun :)