Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Create your private Hifi streaming service

How to create a private Hifi streaming service?

If you have a quality and relatively large music library, it's a shame to have bought all these albums and to have to subscribe to a streaming service provider to listen to them when you are on the go ...

Maybe have you ever wondered if it would be possible to create a private streaming service and thus replace Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, etc ... to play your own media library in CD quality?

It's possible and quite simple, you just need to have:
  • A NAS server: for example : a Linux NAS, or a Windows NAS, or a Synology NAS, or a simple Linux or Windows PC ... or even any Android mobile with sufficient storage capacity.
  • BubbleUPNP Server (a software available for free download, installed on the previous NAS). BubbleUPNP Server is a UPNP proxy: it transforms your NAS into an ultra versatile DLNA broadcast server and "Internet ready"
  • BubbleUPNP Application on Android mobile / tablet (~ 4 € on Play Store) and / or Foobar2000 on Windows

BubbleUPNP Server is available in the Zenwalk repository (package is for Slackware as well).

The configuration of BubbleUPNP is simple and well documented :

BubbleUPNP Server is configured graphically via the browser (see screenshot below).

At the Internet BOX level: add two port redirects 58050 and 58051, as illustrated below.

BubbleUPNP allows:

  • Access your library from your home (FLAC, AAC, OGG, ...) with a very ergonomic reader interface, bookmarks, multiple customization settings, playlists, etc ... and by adding the compatibility of certain file formats to your Chromecast or DLNA receivers.
  • Access this same library (FLAC, AAC, OGG, ...) from the Internet (train, office, vacation ...) in a secure and authenticated way with the same ergonomic player interface. In fact we do not realize the transition to Internet mode: it is transparent: your library is available from the same app "everywhere".
  • From the Android BubbleUPNP app: stream to any speaker / amp connected to the network, Chromecast or DLNA, or via Bluetooth (BubbleUPNP Android is one of the few players that supports almost all connected speakers / amplifiers).

So you won't have ripped your CDs for nothing;) ... and 1 year of Qobuz "Hires" subscription saved will allow you to buy a few dozen albums in order to integrate them into "your" BubbleUPNP media library (Hires it too, if you want, or in any case CD quality, because the Hires doesn't bring anything ... but that's another story ...). You can share it with all your family and friends: in private.
A simple deposit of FLAC files on the NAS and they are instantly available via BubbleUPNP.

Don't forget to make a small donation to the developer, if you want ...

BubbleUPNP Server is available in the Zenwalk repository (package is for Slackware as well)