Friday, February 4, 2022

Zenwalk 15.0 "Skywalker" milestone is ready


Following the release of the so long awaited Slackware 15.0 , here we go for the Zenwalk 15.0 "Skywalker", aka "It must be very stable after all this time" milestone. 

As usual for a milestone release, most packages have been rebuilt down here or upstream.

Desktop is the latest XFCE 4.16, with the special Zenwalk layout : this unusual NEXT/Windowmaker inspired dock system, with unique panel placement for ergonomic user access to the whole desktop area. This one of a kind desktop is optimized for modern wide screens ! 

What you get is a pure Slackware system with the following main changes :

- Focused on Desktop usage, XFCE and Chromium based 

- Just one app for each task, latest version of the most user-friendly apps

- Optimized in size / RAM footprint : Zenwalk is very fast on latest hardware and can even run fast on old PCs

- Flatpak and AppImage ready (almost all existing apps can be installed either via right-clicking on AppImg or flatpakref file)

- Automated packages updates (daily check at startup)

- Simplified setup with no nonsense animated pink ponies

Since 18 years : Zenwalk has always been a non profit project : all contributions and donations go to the Slackware Project. We all love that OS and want to thank Pat Volkerding for his fantastic work over the years (note : Pat has an enormous stock of Slack tee-shirts and other cool goodies to sell :p).

Please report bugs !

And have fun !

Immediate download (waiting for mirrors and torrents) :