Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Zenencfs, the Kiss (Keep It Simple Stupid) ENCFS interface

Zenencfs, the Kiss (Keep It Simple Stupid) ENCFS interface has been updated. Now you finally have a really simple and native solution to crypt your confidential documents with military proof ciphers. As simple as a mouse right-click !

Enlightenment DR21 is ready !

Enlightenment DR21 is ready ! For the geekiest of you : I have built and packaged Enlightenment DR21 (4 packages to be installed through netpkg (efl enlightenment luajit bullet). If you manage to configure E21 to look and feel like the Zenwalk default desktop : you're welcome to send me the profile!! ;) Have fun

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Zenwalk Core 8.0 is now ready to play.

Following the release of Zenwalk 8.0 : Zenwalk Core 8.0 is now ready to play. Zenwalk Core is a minimal system, built with customization in mind to allow a skilled user to build a secure server in minutes. Powered by the Linux kernel 4.4.19, Zenwalk Core 8.0 provides the latest Slackware base system with no X Window System binaries, no X applications. Out of the box you get a full featured server system (Apache 2.4.23, Samba 4.4.5, Sendmail 8.15.2, Bind 9.10.4_P2, ...) driven by the WEBMIN Web interface and Zenwalk system tools. After a 10 minutes install of the 600MB ISO, you can then customize it by removing unneeded daemons, activate the firewall service, and configure your server. Have fun :) jp ISO can be downloaded at : http://slackware.uk/zenwalk/x86_64/8.0/zenwalk_core-8.0.iso

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

improve RAM and CPU usage in Chromium

To improve RAM and CPU usage in Zenwalk, Chromium will (soon) default to the "process per site" model, as explained below. http://ift.tt/2bDEVKz This process model seems to have the best performance / resource ratio, so far, in my tests... In next zenwalk-desktop package update ;)