Sunday, November 6, 2022

New Zenwalk Current ISO 2022 07 November is ready


It's been some time since the last Zenwalk Current ISO, so here it is.

Most packages have been rebuilt here or upstream. Since 18 years Zenwalk follow the same guideline : being the only true 100% Slackware compatible striped-down optimized system.

The main change in Zenwalk design lately, is the return of Mozilla Firefox as main browser. Due to the lack of improvements, especially performances issues and instability in Chromium. I also believe that privacy can be more easily achieved with Mozilla Firefox.

The Zenwalk "SlackBuild" packaging utility has also been updated so that it now allows to build Slackware packages from any source tarball without any configuration, as well as from any .DEB Debian binary as long as it's using the same toolchain and shared libs as Zenwalk, as well as from any Github URL.

You'll also notice some improvements in Netpkg : the multi-repository, dependency aware, package management system.

Have fun :)


As usual don't forget to provide any support you want to the Slackware Linux project !

Download : zenwalk-current-221106.iso ( md5 )

Friday, February 4, 2022

Zenwalk 15.0 "Skywalker" milestone is ready


Following the release of the so long awaited Slackware 15.0 , here we go for the Zenwalk 15.0 "Skywalker", aka "It must be very stable after all this time" milestone. 

As usual for a milestone release, most packages have been rebuilt down here or upstream.

Desktop is the latest XFCE 4.16, with the special Zenwalk layout : this unusual NEXT/Windowmaker inspired dock system, with unique panel placement for ergonomic user access to the whole desktop area. This one of a kind desktop is optimized for modern wide screens ! 

What you get is a pure Slackware system with the following main changes :

- Focused on Desktop usage, XFCE and Chromium based 

- Just one app for each task, latest version of the most user-friendly apps

- Optimized in size / RAM footprint : Zenwalk is very fast on latest hardware and can even run fast on old PCs

- Flatpak and AppImage ready (almost all existing apps can be installed either via right-clicking on AppImg or flatpakref file)

- Automated packages updates (daily check at startup)

- Simplified setup with no nonsense animated pink ponies

Since 18 years : Zenwalk has always been a non profit project : all contributions and donations go to the Slackware Project. We all love that OS and want to thank Pat Volkerding for his fantastic work over the years (note : Pat has an enormous stock of Slack tee-shirts and other cool goodies to sell :p).

Please report bugs !

And have fun !

Immediate download (waiting for mirrors and torrents) :