Sunday, July 18, 2021

Zenwalk Current 15.0 18 Jul 2021 "Near Landing" milestone


Summer is there, Pat is about to release a candidate for Slackware 15.0 which will likely last for 2 years, and the current code seems as stable as it can be : so it's time for a Zenwalk Current release. 

It can be considered as a milestone release, most packages have been rebuilt down here or upstream, and it confirm some of the choices that where applied since the beginning of 2020 : Pipewire as the sound daemon, with mostly all existing Bluetooth codecs available from APTX to LDAC. 

Desktop is the latest XFCE 4.16, with the special Zenwalk layout (NEXT/Windowmaker inspired dock system, with unique panel placement for ultra-ergonomic use of the whole desktop place on modern wide screens). 

Kernel is 5.13.2, with Elogind and PAM, and thankfully : still no Systemd :).

Of course : Flatpak is present, and as usual, configured out of the box so that you can install nearly anything on Zenwalk.

Have fun !

Report bugs ;)

Immediate download (waiting for mirrors and torrents) :